Abstracts and Presentations

2020 Presentations

2020 BSATSMC Poster Presentations:

Bretzin – Nature and Impact of Non-Sport Related Concussion Injuries in Collegiate Students 

Buddenhagen – Reflex Syncope as Cause and Effect of Multiple Concussions in a Collegiate Athlete

Eckner – Concussion Risk Prediction in Collegiate Athletes and Military Cadets: A Machine Learning Approach Using Baseline Data from the CARE Consortium Study

Farley – Concussions in Female Youth Soccer Players: Mechanisms, Symptoms and Stetting of Injury

Knudson – Chicken of the Egg: Relationship of Mood Disorders and Concussion

Parrington – Time to Turn Outside the Clinic: Exploring Performance Testing for Return to Play Following concussion

Payne – Concussion Knowledge Differences Between US Born Versus Internationally Born Collegiate Student-Athletes in a NAIA School

Pelo – The Influence of Concussion History on Static Balance Performance


Lecture Presentations:

Batterton – “PRP and BMAC treatments based on patent demographics and the ability to quantify the components of PRP/BMAC”

Bruno – Photobiomodulation for Head, Neck and Shoulder Pain”

Castellani – “Distinguishing CTE from Genuine Neurodegenerative Disease: Update on CTE Research”

Cook – “Building a Comprehensive Sports Science Program”

Diduch –  “Why Is That Kneecap So unstable? – Anatomic Risk Factors for Patella Instability”

Dunckle – “The use of Blood Flow Restriction following an ACL injury”

Gill – “Intro to Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Workshop”

Greiner – “Pitching Behaviors in Youth Athletes: A Comparison to Pitch Smart Guidelines”

Jones –   “Treating the Superior Labral Tear from Anterior to Posterior (SLAP) in the Athlete – Move It”

Kenter – “Muscle Transfer for Rotator Cuff Insufficiency”

McDevitt – “Something Else to Blame On Your Parents: Genetic Association to Prolonged Concussion Recovery”

Opstedal –  “Test, Don’t Guess: Using Isokinetics with the ACL Patient”

Peer –  “Leading from the Field: How the Self-Serving Bias Influences Ethical Decision-Making in Sports Medicine”

Shimshock –  “Managing Head Impacts Through Analytics”

Stanek – “The effects of shoe collar height on proximal and distal lower limb muscular response to unexpected perturbation”

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